CAHMI receives funding to improve our Cycle of Engagement tools

Following our National Summit meeting on the EC_COE, the CAHMI began an ongoing study, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, to build evidence on feasible and effective approaches to support the successful implementation and dissemination of the EC_COE. During this grant, the CAHMI:

  • Updated core content and measures within the WVP and PHDS to align with Bright Futures 4th edition
  • Created the COE provider dashboard, allowing for customized WVP and PHDS family websites

  • Launched the WVP and PHDS with several LifeBridge Health providers, as well as several other early adopters

  • Is actively collaborating with family advisors from early adopter practices and Family Voices on the family-centered WVP and PHDS, as well as resources for their use and scale

  • Is developing and testing dissemination and implementation resources for the EC_COE with Boston University partners


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