Positive childhood experiences lower chances of adult depression

Associations between adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and risks for adult depression, poor mental health, and insufficient social and emotional support have been documented. Less is known about how positive childhood experiences (PCEs) co-occur with and may modulate the effect of ACEs on adult mental and relational health. The objective of the study was to evaluate associations between adult-reported PCEs and (1) adult depression and/or poor mental health (D/PMH) and (2) adult-reported social and emotional support (ARSES) across ACEs exposure levels.

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Citation: Bethell C, Jones J, Gombojav N, Linkenbach J, Sege R. Positive Childhood Experiences and Adult Mental and Relational Health in a Statewide SampleAssociations Across Adverse Childhood Experiences LevelsJAMA Pediatr. 2019;173(11):e193007. doi:10.1001/jamapediatrics.2019.3007


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