Positive Childhood Experiences Lower Chances of Adult Depression and Loneliness

Our research documents independent associations between greater positive childhood experiences (PCEs) and lowered risk for adult depression, poor mental health, and insufficient social and emotional support as an adult. These associations are found across levels of exposure to adverse childhood experiences (1, 2-3, 4+). PCEs evaluated focus on feeling safe and supported by adults during difficult times as a child and having a sense of belonging in school and the community. Listen to the NPR story hereRead the paper here

Citation: Bethell C, Jones J, Gombojav N, Linkenbach J, Sege R. Positive Childhood Experiences and Adult Mental and Relational Health in a Statewide SampleAssociations Across Adverse Childhood Experiences LevelsJAMA Pediatr. 2019;173(11):e193007. doi:10.1001/jamapediatrics.2019.3007



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