CAHMI's role and contributions to the MCH field for improved systems, services, and outcomes

CAHMI’s founding director, Dr. Christina Bethell and esteemed colleagues, published a paper in the Maternal and Child Health Journal recounting the inception and evolution of the Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative (CAHMI). The article offers an inside look at the CAHMI’s role in shaping the maternal and child health field. It analyzes and summarizes lessons learned throughout the years to support our continued efforts in growing as a national initiative driven by family and community voices and uplifting relational systems of care. It begins with a crash course of MCH policy reform in the United States and how CAHMI was created to “meet the moment” and fill gaps in quality assurance to measure and drive improvements, prioritize possibilities to address child health needs and promote lifelong well-being. It concludes by illustrating for us all in the field a visionary path forward.

MCH fig 3

CAHMI led Maternal and Child Health Measurement Research Network Strategic Measurement Agenda Summary (2018)


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