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This resource portal provides materials and links to learn more about the EnAct! framework purpose, goals, approach to services, and implementation roadmap.

The Engagement In Action (EnAct!) Framework aims to promote positive health equity for all children and families and sets forth a pathway to support national, state and local efforts to establish a family and community engaged, whole child and family well-being focused, integrated early childhood health system.

The EnAct! framework builds on decades of progress and innovation both in health care and among other early childhood systems partners to foster integrated approaches to preventive and developmental services. The CAHMI partnered to create the EnAct! framework with the 2017-2023 Mississippi Thrive! Child Health and Development Project initiative, which was supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration through a cooperative agreement. Get a summary of key accomplishments by the MST Initiative and a two-page overview of the EnAct! framework.


More detailed information is provided below about the Cycle of Engagement Well Visit Planner approach and tools, which power elements of the EnAct! framework approach by providing interoperable tools that engage families, providers and community partners to ensure comprehensive whole child and family assessments are conducted and the unique needs and priorities of each child and family are met.


Watch this presentation on the EnAct! Framework to the Early Childhood Developmental Health Systems Evidence to Impact Center state, community, and family partners to learn more about the methods and opportunities to advance an integrated system to early childhood well-being. 

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Access Resources to Learn More about the EnAct! Framework:

Read about the Engagement in Action framework in this comprehensive overview and get additional resources below, including a summary of the Mississippi Thrive! initiative and how the EnAct! Framework was developed and implemented in collaboration with the CAHMI. Also available are a series of attachments that go into further detail on the data, methods, partnership roles, measurement and policies to implement the EnAct! approach. Finally, a series of Possibility Prototypes are available to illustrate application of the EnAct! approach across key early childhood system partners. The Mississippi Thrive! Early Childhood Development Coalition will lead the charge in Mississippi to advance the purpose and goals for the EnAct! framework.


Two-Page Overview of the EnAct! Framework


Evidence to Impact Center Keynote Presentation: Leveraging the EnAct! framework


Mississippi Thrive! Summary of Key Accomplishments (the EnAct! framework)


Five Attachments for the Engagement in Action Framework Summary:

EnAct! Framework

Check back as we update and add new resources over time. Write to info@cycleofengagement.org for any questions or to share your ideas on how to leverage the EnAct! approach in your work. 


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